The blog is a diary of my thoughts. From fashion and travel to culture and recipes, but mostly a documentation of my life.   I started it at the recommendation of a sister of mine, who probably has a great deal of bias towards me and finds me to be mildly interesting.  In another life I was a farmer, or philosopher, or religious studies major, or potentially a hippie.  I have an interest in fashion but a no-excess, simplified version of it.  I find art and travel and culture fascinating so I'll write about it when it comes up. I’m a Christian Counselor by training and will be forever grateful to my educators for teaching me how to think.   I’m a pescetarian with mediocre cooking skills and an adventurous attitude, a.k.a. I’m trying new recipes all the time and totally failing quite often, to the chagrin of my ever-compassionate husband. After a long journey of infertility my husband and I had our first daughter Colette on July 4th, 2017. We spent the first five months of her life in the hospital and now home and enjoying every bit of life with her.  This is a place I will write things and show pictures of things…if you’re interested, join me. 

Find Me is an exploration of my faith through 5 perspectives within and outside of my faith tradition.  Start at the bottom and read up to follow along.  It will be honest and messy and ocassionaly irreverent. Please forgive me, as I am not a theologian and will not pretend to be an expert on such matters, however I will often times pose questions that have an array of theologically proposed answers to them.  I won't attempt to present these formulated responses, because even as I understand them they still leave me in question. I hope that by lobbing the questions into the abyss without the knee-jerk theological response, that we might hear them differently, ask them ourselves, wrestle with the answers, and ultimately make peace with faith and the unknown.  Sometimes I'm humble about what I don't know, sometimes I'm arrogant and angry about what I think God should do, but mostly I'm flailing my arms about in the darkness hoping fiercely to find the full form of God.