Book Recommendations

I’ve been reading so much, but here are a few of the recent goodies. Michelle Obama is the queen of the world and her book was nothing short of what you would expect from her - exceptional! The Color of Compromise hurts, racism and the church, it’s hard to read but really important. Joy was based on an interview so the style of the book is really odd, but there are some good bits from both of them so it’s absolutely worth reading. It’s a lesson on finding the sameness in another and not the differences. Finding God in the Waves was incredible, I recommend it for anyone who has any questions about the Christian faith. I think it’s great for Christians who would like to understand what it’s like to struggle with belief, and for those who don’t believe or who work to believe, this will be your heart on paper. Little Fires Everywhere was good, devoured it in days. I had low expectations for Where the Crawdads sing because I saw a bad review, but I LOVED it. The land she lives on is its own well developed character. As you read the book you grow with the character as she grows and by the time you’ve shut the book you’ve left behind a friend. The enneagram obsession is annoying, The Path back to You will make you love it anyways.