Today is my birthday and I am twenty-nine years old, which is to say I am more mature than I used to be, but still young, with a low drinking threshold and a bum knee.   I really really wanted to be the type of person who didn't mind getting older.  I didn't want to dread the inevitable and begrudgingly celebrate every July 12th, but maybe I am just suppressing the fact that I would like to stay in my late twenties for longer than the clock is allowing me to. I don’t want to go back to my early twenties and I don’t want my friends to age past me, I just want us all to stay in this sweet spot together for another, say, five to ten years.  I suppose I am just asking for a little crack in the space-time continuum that will keep us all here longer, which is I'm sure, very possible.

Here is my year in review:

Things I did not like about my 28th year.  Doctors appointments, needles, the two week flu, new eye wrinkles, my new knee pain, ISIS, Trever’s camo jacket, under-cooked maqluba, the way Gilmore Girls ended, Snapchat, when I went blonde, our water heater, my knee pain (I know I already said that but I am very upset about it), traffic, Donald Trump, friends moving away, Neon Demon, chipped nail polish, my dead basil plant, waking up.

Things I liked about 28.  My marriage, Indian food, Justin Beiber, yoga, our friends, writing, Snapchat, family, fireworks, diffused Orange oil, freshly painted nails, outdoor movies, Trever, stepping out of the metro that first day in Paris, our cats, warm sunshine in the winter, the Christmas tree smell, New York, oysters, perfectly roasted potatoes, sour beer, night walks, Pressed Juicery, Radio Lab, the new coffee shop, my black boots, laughs, middle California, the way The Office ended, homemade spring rolls, everything I learned, finding a bit of new faith, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, our record player, bread.