Grain, Sweet Potato and Kale

Here's another fab, well balanced and filling kale salad. If you're the Trader Joes type you can get their mixed grains and it's a good replacement for the regular Israeli cous cous. If you want to be a super health freak, cous cous is actually just above rice in grain health benefits, so if you want to move up the ladder you can sub farro or quinoa. 


Israeli Cous Cous // Sweet Potatoes // Goat Cheese // Dried Cranberries or Cherries (try to avoid the kind with gallons of sugar)  // Slivered Almonds // Kale

Cube the sweet potatoes and roast at 425 for 25ish minutes. Follow the package instructions for making the cous cous, I make 1 cup. Break down the Kale by massaging it (yes that's what they call it) or flash steaming it. It makes it blend better in the meal, and much easier to digest and absorb the nutrients. Allow all the ingredients to cool (or keep all of it warm if you prefer) and add dressing to taste. 


Olive Oil // Lemon // Lemon Zest // S&P // Minced Garlic // Honey