My friend Shannen took maternity photos for me the other week.  We drove to Malibu and she had this crazy way of making me feel comfortable while being photographed. I was feeling nervy about it but it ended up being really fun.  We were romping around the fields saying, we are Gwyneth, we are Gyweneth, while unknowingly there were tiny little bits of weeds making their way into every segment of our clothing and bags.  It was worth it though and I totally sobbed when she sent them to me.  I debated doing maternity pictures but I'm glad I did, I'm happy to be celebrating and documenting this crazy season of life. 

Spring Closet

A friend told me the other day he has learned a lot about faith and fashion from my blog. He may have learned a bit about basic women's fashion for which he has no use, but he's probably on genius level in matters related to religion and philosophy, but still…I'll take the compliment.

Faith and Fashion - I thought, that sounds like a really confused blog.  But so it is...